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skinut2234 09-24-2012 11:42 AM

cutting kitchen slab
The wife (of course) wanted an island in the kitchen (the new kitchen)- So we are installing an island about 3' from the wall with a microwave in it.
I'm not sure how think the slab is- I tried to drill into - i got about an inch down and hit more resistance- drilling thru the first inch was pretty easy. there is also 1/2 plywood subfloor nailed to the top of the slab (don't ask me why - it's original form the 70's)- In any event the plywood might come in handy since I'm leaving it- My guess is I only need to "Channel" down about 1.5 inches to get a piece of conduit in there. I have a diamond tipped blade for my circ saw and that seemed to cut ok- I only need to cut out 3' long by about 2" wide channel. any other suggestions? yes- when I tested it - it's extremely dusty- but not sure if worth it to rent a larger saw- Should I use a Hilti?? (I used one in basement - but it was to enlarge a sump hole)- not to make a channel.. any advice is appreciated to make it work with less dust-

skinut2234 09-25-2012 11:57 AM


TRUEPRO 09-26-2012 01:23 AM

If you have open access to the floor then a circular with a diamond should work fine. Have you wife stand there with a shop vac while you score 6-8 lines within the 2". Be sure to set you desired dept on the saw before cutting. Then use a chisel and hammer to do the rest. Should be a pretty easy job.


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