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Thunder Chicken 08-06-2012 01:17 PM

"Curb" under Pier Addition
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I've got a small bungalow with a small addition on concrete piers (in photos below, to left of chimney).

I recently did some regrading to set up a sensible slope away from the house foundation, described in a previous thread:

The way the grading works is that there is now a 4"-6" deep pit below the addition. I can't fill this in with soil as there is only about 4" of clearance between the grade and the bottom of this addition.

My plan was to build a "curb" starting from the gap between the chimney and addition, and bringing it around the drip line around the corner of the addition, then back filling under the addition with stone (see sketch below). This would keep grass and critters away from the structure, would deflect roof runoff, and would provide an easier edge to mow.

I am thinking of setting stone blocks to create this curb, much like the granite curbs on the side of streets. The chimney is inactive and will eventually be removed, so ideally what goes in the back corner will be something that can be levered out easily.

So the question is, assuming a stone curb, what is the proper bed for this (I'm in frost country), and how should it be assembled?

joecaption 08-06-2012 01:40 PM

Just my opion but I'd think you need a french drain not the curbing your suggesting.

I'd build it with two differant drains in the same pit, one for the down spouts and one for the run off water.

Water hitting a soild surface is going to splash higher and hit the siding.

They make adaptors to connect the the down spouts directly to the drain lines.

There's several differant way to then get rid of the water. I have a drain ditch along my street so I have it all running to a pit with a sump pump that then runs it under ground to the ditch.
Another way is to dig a big pit in the yard and fill with stone, lay silt cloth over it and then cover with top soil, no one would ever know it's there once the grass grows over it.

Thunder Chicken 08-06-2012 03:31 PM

I've got a swale arranged such that water doesn't currently run under the addition. It's dry, even in downpours. That is not the problem or question. What I want is to get stone and rock under the addition so critters stay away from the wood structure.

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