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hankj 03-15-2012 12:13 PM

crumbles stuck to scratch coat
hi fellow DIYer's

In process of installing stone veneer on my fireplace. The scratch coat went on just fine over the metal veneer and it's looking good.:thumbup:

When I scratched the mortar, some crumbly bits (pea-sized and smaller) rose then clung to the lips of the scratches/trenches. Mostly they knock off pretty easy, and I'm intuiting that I want to remove the looser bits before installing the stone veneer.

My question: how much pressure should I apply to remove these bits, and with what? I tested an area with brisk attack of a straw kitchen broom, and many bit fell off, but many remained that seemed pretty loosely connected.

I want to use a wire brush, but I'm worried that I'll take the micro-edges off the scratch coat's surface and weaken the subsequent mechanical bond when I install the stone veneer.

So do I knock off the dingle-berries (for lack of a better term)? With what? How aggressively? Thanks for the advice!

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