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stevekem 09-25-2013 10:18 PM

Cover new sidewalk concrete pour with OSB?

Getting ready to pour a new sidewalk, but was wondering once broom finished is done, would it be ok to lay sheets of OSB over the forms using 3/4" spacers to keep OSB about 3/4" above forms/concrete?

There are a few cats in the neighborhood and one walked all over our basement floor the night it was poured, now I have about 30 paws prints I get to see every time I'm in basement :furious:

I would keep the OSB on for a day or so until it sets up enough. Any potential issues with this?

stadry 09-26-2013 07:42 AM

of course it would - its YOUR s/w, isn't it ? dependent on local law,,, not sure why animals have such an attraction to wet conc - poured floors for church addn which was a magnet to n-hood dogs :censored: did you ever see paw prints 6" deep ? :furious:

IF this is a big issue, i'd cover it w/6mil plastic supported by stakes but i'm cheap :yes: personally i'd also keep out kids who want to autograph it, too,,, IF it were a big issue but its not to me :no:

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