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DIYHero 11-18-2013 11:05 AM

Considerations for removing a Brick Wall

I am interested in removing a brick wall in my building. The wall is about 20 inches long, and immediately below a window. There is a metal lintel above the window.

The wall in question was originally an exterior wall, that was made an interior wall by closing in a cement floor back porch. In effect, the window being removed is in the interior of the house, between the utility closet and the added on back room.

Because of the lintel, and the fact that the wall only supports a window, i believe I should be able to remove it, though i'd rather ask for ideas and guidance than chance a catastrophe. Thank you

joed 11-18-2013 02:44 PM

If I understand correct, you want to remove the lower wall below what is currently a window. Maybe to make it a door? If you cut straight down and do not expand the width you should be fine. Just beware of any electrical cables or plumbing that might be present.

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