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bote110 12-13-2012 11:10 PM

Concrete Slab
A Concrete slab was made for a ac unit and I watch it how they made the wood forum, laid sand first and pact it down tight the gravel was next and got poured concrete and smooth out nice.
We got a heavy rain at our new built house , water was all around and with no grass it was like a river rushing to one end of the house , well the next day I notice that the slab was tilted and almost every thing underneath got wash out, it piss me off!
What should I do? can I jack it up a little and add bricks across it to level it out a little ? What it is the dirt is settling around the house after the construction with all the digging that was done for the foundation and under ground power lines and with the heavy rain it's packing the dirt down .


Daniel Holzman 12-14-2012 07:32 AM

It sounds like you are having a house built for you, and the slab was part of the construction. Once the slab has cured sufficiently, it should be a simple matter for the contractor to lift the slab up using a fork lift or similar piece of equipment, correct the washout using crushed stone, and reinstall the slab. This should not be your problem, unless you are the contractor. I would not do this until the drainage has been corrected, since it is likely to simply wash out again, but this is also the contractor's problem.

Guywithskills 01-04-2013 10:11 PM

Jack and fill
If the house is under construction, the contractor should take care of it and for 2 years after for home warrranty.

If you have to, then lever it up, just enough to get the job done to avoid kinking copper freon lines. you could throw dirt under... which will wash out. Rather than brick, put mixed mortar under best you can, tamp in with 2x2 stick or whatever. Mortar will be on dry side.

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