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cdw0107 09-27-2013 10:25 AM

Concrete around telepost problem
We are renovating in the basement of our home and while redoing the flooring in the house (built in 1940) we came upon this. Around one of the supporting beams of the house the concrete has been built up around the post. This makes it difficult to get any type of even flooring around it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this. We do not want to hammer it down as every time we open up a wall or stuff, something new and horrible comes up. Advice?

You can view the pic on Instagram

danpik 09-27-2013 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by cdw0107 (Post 1247023)
You can view the pic on Instagram

Can't view the pictures. We'll need your password to log in....:no:

joed 09-27-2013 01:42 PM

Can't tell exactly what I am seeing but It looks a lot like a spot where an old coal furnace was installed at one time.
Or that someone dug out the basement to lower the floor(raise the ceiling) and had to leave that area as it was a footing for the post.

Tscarborough 09-27-2013 01:45 PM

Welcome to your new friend the 4" angle grinder.

wkearney99 09-28-2013 10:26 AM

It's a supporting beam, do not screw with it without an expert understanding of how it's handling the load. It may well need to be that size because that was the original footer for the post. As in, the post only goes so far into the original concrete. As 'joed' suggests, it's possible someone in the past dug the basement down further and applied that bulge of concrete around the post to support it. So if you were to chop off that concrete you might risk the post failing to stay in place. That, obviously, would be a bad thing.

You may not like the hassles you discover when you open walls, but that's part of home ownership.

My suggestion would be to call in a structural engineer and get an assessment of it.

If you really don't want that concrete there then it's likely something expensive would have to be done. As in, support the structure, remove the old post and all the concrete, dig for a new footer and then put in a new structurally supporting post.

Or create a box around it, perhaps disguised as seating or some other kind of cabinetry.

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