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Closing gap around heating pipes cement slab

My home is in NY and on a slab. No basement, no crawl space. I'm looking to seal a few holes in the concrete slab where copper pipes pass through. These are active heating pipes and one location in particular has let termites in over years past and they destroyed an interior bearing wall. I just saw a swarm of the winged variety tonight, and I want to close this area for good. I know you cannot just cement around copper pipes, correct? I heard this causes them to leak over time. Then, I will really be up you-know-who's creek! The wall was just redone a couple weeks ago, and the hole is open. I saw those little pests for the first time today, climbing out the hole. I dumped Home Defense down the hole and sprayed the area, floor, etc. So how should I close this hole? Thanks!


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Just use some spray foam.
Before doing that I would call an extermiator and get this house treated asap.
Do not fall for the Terminx and Orkin scams to use bait stations, do not try some DIY treatment.
Foam is not going to keep out termites!
If there's flying termites that means they have been there a long time, when the nest gets to full the queen starts making winged termites to fly off and start a new colony


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Thank you- they won't eat through the foam? And the exterminator,
Who and how would you do it?
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I would take joecaption's advice and have a licensed exterminator inspect and treat your home. Above all, be sure they kill the soil around the perimeter of your foundation, and where the pipe penetrates the slab. However, instead of foam, I would use a good, high-strength, epoxy concrete patch kit to fill around the pipes. You should be sure that the copper pipes are in a sleeve. It is not good to have copper pipes come into direct contact with concrete. The soluble chlorides in concrete may corrode the pipes. That is probably why the contractor left the gap. If there is no plastic/vinyl sleeve, be sure that you coat the pipe with a spray vinyl to isolate it from the concrete before using the concrete patch.

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