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69charged 02-25-2013 11:45 AM

cinder block basement issues
hello all. new guy here. might as well make my first post a good one! i am wondering what to do about my cinder block wall on the outside of it. it has parging on it and it looks like moisture is coming out of it at the mortar joints. it is really ugly looking from the street and we want to put real stone systems stone veneer on, but i need to correct this problem first. a little backround on the house. it was built in 78 and has had an unfinished basement up till we moved in in 09. i watched first for any signs of water coming in. we live in a very sandy area with an aquafir under us so the water goes away real fast. no moisture in the basement. in '11 i insulated the basement so far with 2" of xps. still have yet to finish with walls and roxul batts.
the problem on the outside looks to have gotten a little worse during the winter. the lines showing through are also there in the summer. i am hoping it was just a bad parging job but not sure. i have searched the net high and low but i cant find anything similar to what i have. here are a couple pics of what i mean.
thanks for the help

stadry 03-02-2013 05:48 AM

can't tell IF some parging's lossen'd & fallen off it was done in a ' slop trowel ' texture,,, either way, this is what i'd do,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

1, pressure wash ( 3,500psi, 4gal min, turbo nozzle ); 2, spray on 2 coats of silicone siloxane water repellent; 3, mechanically attach expand'd wire mesh; 4, trowel on mortar & attach faux stone.

IF some questions rais'd above could be answer'd, reserve right to change answer :yes:

ps - most everyone lives above an aquifer

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