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pman6 01-09-2013 06:25 PM

Brick veneer over scratch or brown coat?
I plan to remove the existing brick wall.
I'm pretty sure there's only a scratch or brown coat under it.

so I can stick brick veneer with exterior grade thinset mortar directly on that, right?

Does veneer need to be anchored to the wall with anything other than mortar?

jomama45 01-09-2013 06:31 PM

Are the existing brick actually clay thin-sawn brick?? If so, yes, the substrate "should" be fine, as long as you don't cause too much damage getting the existing brick off. If the brick are faux, like a fiberglass substite or the sort, all bet's are off........

pman6 01-10-2013 02:43 AM

I don't really understand your question, but they look like real antique bricks to me.

They stick out past the window about 3-4 inches.

House was built in the 1960's, so 99% chance they are real bricks.

jomama45 01-10-2013 07:25 AM

If they're real full veneer brick, I doubt there's a scratch coat behind it.

Are the new brick going to be a full brick as well? You don't "stick" full brick to a wall, you stack them and let gravity and wall ties take over............

Tscarborough 01-10-2013 09:14 AM

"Veneer" is a relative term. An adhered veneer sticks to the wall, which would be scratch/browncoat. Traditionally, "Brick Veneer" means full size (3-4" thick) that are set on a brick ledge and tied to the back up wall with brick ties. There is normally an airspace between the veneer and the backup wall.

What you have is almost 100% a traditional brick veneer.

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