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trophywalleye 03-02-2012 10:05 PM

Block Foundation Efflorescence
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I have gutted the back section of my basement to the block foundation wall. Although black felt tar paper, studs, insulation, and vapor barrier may be an old technique, I have already renovated the front of my basement in that manner and plan to do the same to the back (I also have all of the materials purchased).

In the back southeast corner of my house there is quite a bit of efflorescence on the block foundation (see photos), indicating it might be saturated with water. The house is 41 years old, original paint on the floor, no signs of water leakage, 2 winters in my ownership with no leakage, first owner noting no leakage problems.

One thing to point out is the section that has the efflorescence was previously a cold room (used for wine making) that was not insulated OR vapor barriered on the warm side of the interior walls. Most likely little ventilation as well. I thought I might point that out, however I doubt that has anything to do with the efflorescence.

My house is graded great on the front and sides, however the back (south side) is not the most ideal. About 10 feet away its relatively flat, but past there the ground is higher. I try my best to shovel and keep snow as far away as possible. There is rock at the back and I thought it might be to help absorb water, but I was told it was for the look and less work to keep the weeds from growing under the deck area.

Anyways... is there anything I should consider before fastening the tar paper and studs in place. I plan to wire brush off as much as I can, but I want to make sure that this won't cause any problems. I have heard of products that you have to saturate the block, and it helps to prevent any more saturation. But that can deteriote the block if not properly removed. I plan to avoid that.

Input and suggestions is much appreciated.


JeepNick 03-02-2012 11:53 PM

Efflorescence in brick and block is just the salts and loose minerals coming to the surface. Won't hurt anything.

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