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Concrete & Masonry
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Basement Brick wall

Painting the interior side of a brick basement wall is a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, the reason you;re even here in the first place is because it's already been done.

I think the best way to put it is how another longtime poster here has always stated it: "Your foundation is nothing more than the hull of a boat underwater"............

If your boat were to create a leak, would you attempt to repair it from the exterior with a long-term repair, or simply try to stick bubble gum on the insid every 15 seconds????????

You may not have an issue with water penetration (yet) but caulking the joints and re-painting the exterior is certainly begging future moisture issues. Odds are high that the brick in the pics are extremely porous. Without a doubt, they're wicking moisture from the exterior earth. Currently, they're drying to the interior of your basement. If you are to attempt to stop this vapor transmission from occuring by treating the interior with anything that will mitigate this transmission, what do you think will happen?

The exterior won;t magically become damproof. The interior won't hold the paint/caulk for long. The brick will begin to spall and become a nightmare.

I'm sure you can't pinpoint the individual who originally "painted" the interior, if that's what it really is, but if you could, I would gather that the best solution for the short term would be to kick them in the nuts for doing something so ignorant. Now, you're left with the mess.............

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Basement Brick wall

Cool, thanks. With a basement like mine those wall in all four rooms, how would I make this a finished basement if I wanted to? My realtor came back at me and stated that my listing price would be low due to having an unfinished basement. Maybe I dont understand what is required to say its a finished basement ...any help in understanding it would be greatly apperciated. Thanks.
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Basement Brick wall

Um yes I think your right jomama45. Im unsure who painted it as I bought the house as is. Not thinking much about the basement. this is my first house I ever bought. Sooo. I wasnt familiar with much. So how would i.fix that mess?

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