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It all starts with a solid foundation

so my first big hurdle is to get a foundation poured.

My house is 18' at the back. I live in a little narrow lot off an alley. My yard is only 28' wide. 150' long. trhe front of my house is 14' wide, the whole thing is 45' long. Its pretty small, thus the need to expand. Central Inspection here says I can only go back. So Im building back and building UP.

I only need to pour 3 sides of foundation, Im doing a Mono-Pour or Monolithic Footing, meaning the concrete slab and the foundation are all one piece.
My soil type is Sandy, with a Plasticity Index of 6. In the wonderful city of Wichita, I only have to go 30" below grade. Im wanting to later build a home addition on this, to go two story, I must be 16" wide.

Im going to pour 18'x36' slab and foundation. Im having the ground Graded to 2-3" below turf line and using Redwood 2x6s to build the forms from there. This will allow me 4" of Sand as required and 4" of concrete at the top of my forms, give or take.

I have had my soil samples done ($150) and bout my permit ($100) for a foundation for future construction to be used as outdoor patio with Post and Beam Lattices. Meaning I can put some cover over it and shade cloth but no walls yet. This will let me have some areas to use as storage without meeting all electrical and insulation codes yet.

I have specs for my rebar and wire, its looking like it will be about $200 for that and the concrete is about $1800 all in all for 18 cu yrds. Delivered in two trucks. Ill still need a few placers and a finisher, but I think I can get them for the half day for under $150

My budget on the project is about $2000, plus maybe a couple hundred bucks for incidentals, still have to put in an exterior outlet for building codes though, thats another hundred bucks.

For finishing,Im going to buy a bag or two of rock salt, screed with a 20' board Ill use for the header to the second floor later, probably a 2x10. Ill throw the rock salt out on hand fulls over the surface, then take handfuls of red and yellow iron oxide and throw them out in patches. After that is done, I will have the finisher bull float the surface, making nice patterns and such with the oxide. Either have him goroove it for stress fractures or leave twine a half inch under and pull up at the end to make the stress cuts.After a few days cure, I will power wash it and clear the rock salt knock off any edges. Should leave a nice natural looking finish with some traction and visual aesthetics.

So, my first part of my project is to make sure everything is marked and ready to dig and find a decent guy to do the grading and trenching. There were trees there, I expect roots.

I'll post some photos in a little while of the start of the project.

Let it Begin.


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Im sorry is there a question here?


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I have plenty, but Im moving right along. My kid's mom got strep throat so that delayed things a week.

The excavator came and scraped off all the grass and got the trench dug. Missed a bit, got outside my line about an inch in a few places but should be ok. There were some cave ins, so I need to dig those out. Widening from a 12" to 16" trench so I can count the attic on the second floor as a third floor and support the roof deck/widow's walk. Lot of work. Got fence panels removed and pulling a post so the sand truck can get there to dump. Have guys coming in the morning to help finish the digging. Once all the dirt work is done I can get the forms built and lay steel. good to see it move along.

It all starts with a solid foundation-2012-05-23-14.31.37.jpg
Looking Better

It all starts with a solid foundation-2012-05-23-14.31.42.jpg
Lot of Cleanup in there

It all starts with a solid foundation-2012-05-23-14.31.47.jpg
Strings were placed by Surveyor, Im within a half inch on both Diagonals.

It all starts with a solid foundation-2012-05-23-14.32.02.jpg
Giant hill of dirt, I moved about a third of that by hand. Looks pretty good, Ill have it tested and cleaned out with a screen to use as garden dirt. Looked pretty good, some broken glass but no oil or antifreeze spots, after I have it analyzed Ill use it for a bunch of raised beds.

So, after tomorrow, Ill be ready for Sand delivery. Then Steel, forms and then the pour.
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