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heinlein0311 04-12-2012 01:22 PM

Adhering manufactured stone to Concrete
I'm finally in the stage of installing my manufactured stone veneer to the poured concrete foundation wall. The walls are clean. A local mason told me I needed to apply a scratch coat to the wall before applying stone. So I did in one section, but to me it seems like the scratch coat is very brittle. I mixed up some mortar and applied a stone to it and it stuck fairly well, I also applied one to just the concrete wall which stuck good as well. Do I really need to apply a scratch coat? I'm afraid the scratch coat will not adhere well and start coming off, taking the stone with it.

jomama45 04-12-2012 08:34 PM

If the walls are clean of any dirt, form release, contaminent, etc... there is no need for a scratch coat. As you suspect, it would only serve as a failure point and merely be redundant, with no benefit. I would highly recommend using a little bonding agent in the setting mud though.

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