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Erickp40 11-16-2011 09:21 PM

Can anyone tell me why Jeld Wen Windows is so great! Why Jeld Wen Windows over Andersen Windows? I have done some home work on the the two companies.

Jeld Wen, latest rumor has it they are almost bankruapt? A billion and a half in debt? Is this true? And if so why would anyone buy Jeld Wen Windows? If they go out of business, who will warrant the Jled Wen Windows? I hear they where recently sold to a Canadian Investment Firm? Is this true? Does any one think they will turn the company around? Really? Closings of plants and selling off all assets is a concern?

I hear many great positive things about Andersen A- Series Windows, has any one used them yet? It's a new Series of Window from Andersen Windows, upper premium window?

I have some Andersen Windows from 1958 that finally need replaced. I was thinking to myself; if my Andersen Windows lasted this long why would I even consider anything else. I know I can get parts for them but the windows need update dated.

Which of the two windows would you install and why?

Please reply with facts please -

This what I know;
Jeld Wen does not heat stregthen their glass -
Jeld Wen Aluminum cladding can transfer heat in to the house
Jeld Wen customer service?
I heard they are Canadian Company? I'm a Iraqi vet and like to spend my money on American Own Products/ I'm proud to be an American!
Jeld Wen Aluminum can scratch dent and caulk overtime?
Jeld Wen Aluminum is pop can thin aluminum
Jeld Wen does not offer Oak or Maple interior
Jeld Wen Wood Patio doors you can see light through the weatherstipping between the doors
Jeld Wen set screws come loose on French Patio Doors - hardware comes off easy
Jeld Wen uses a Aluminum spacer which conducts heat inward
Jeld Wen has no sill support under sill -hollow pocket of air
Jeld Wen customer service ????
Jeld Wen reps knowledgible about their window products?
Jeld Wen is sold every where who has the best price, Carter Lumber, 84 Lumber, Menards, Lowes, Home Depot, etc... the list is end less
Jeld Wen is more money than Andersen 400 Series
Why Jeld Wen?

Andersen, explain to me why not?


Windows on Wash 11-16-2011 10:52 PM

I am not sure who you are talking to but I prefer the 400 series over the Jeld-Wen.

Several of your ideas about cladding not accurate but I still prefer the 400 over the Jeld-Wen.

rossfingal 11-17-2011 07:02 AM

Installed both -
400 Series - to be preferred.


Just Bill 11-17-2011 07:05 AM

I question any company that mass markets thru Home Depot, but both of those do. Most products sold thru big box stores have been cheapened in some way. Appliances and such have model #'s specific to that BB store.

I have 26 yrs as a remodeler, and have never had an issue(very few) with Andersen's products that was not easy to resolve. Very little experience with JW, just something about them i don't like, nothing specific.

rossfingal 11-17-2011 07:16 AM

I've had some difficulties with AW customer service -
basically - minor.
JW - that's another story! :)
Customer Service! - What!! - You want Customer Service!?!

HomeSealed 11-17-2011 10:53 AM

I'd have to echo the other comments. Anderson makes a nice wood window, while I'm not crazy about any of Jeldwen's products. I'd also mention that you should temper your expectations if you are thinking that any new wood window will last the 50+ yrs that your originals did. They just don't last that long anymore. If you are looking for a longer life, vinyl or another synthetic material like fiberglass or composite will last longer. If you are set on wood, you might also take a look at Marvin.

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