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AnnsKlan 04-20-2012 12:32 AM

Window repair...
Hello all,
I'm a newbie, 1st time posting. I am a Realtor & I have just sold son's home. Inspector stated that 3 double hung Weathershield windows need sash spring replaced. I assume that part is needed to keep windows up when opening...correct? The home built in 1998. Checked Weathershield catalogue...very confusing to me.
My question is estimated cost of repair...can part even be found on windows this old. Who to find for such a repair. These buyers have been so tough...many requests other than estimated cost is important. These days buyers take you to the edge of the cliff on price...then want a perfect home!
I would appreciate any direction from all of you...son has been out of town and must respond by saturday so need info to see if he can afford the repair along with all other requests.

user1007 04-20-2012 03:22 AM

I tried to look for what you need and found but confusion also. Clearly you are going to need the model number of the windows. See if there is a label somewhere on the back side of one of the casements. You might have to look for it from outside.

Sash springs usually look like tape measures and fit along the side of the window inside the frame. You have to pull the window apart to a point to get to them but it is not complicated to replace them.

However, in looking at some of the schematics for this brand of windows, you may just have the pressure/compression strip type casement retainers. You still have to pull the trim and casement windows out but they can just be pulled loose and new ones fitted.

You will have to caulk and repaint when you put the window unit back together.

This should not be especially expensive labor wise. I have no idea what parts are going to run or where to get them though. You may have to contact customer support and send some sharp digital images. I guess call a building supplier, not a box store, in your area and see if they can give you a ballpark. Mark it up a little bit and hope for the best?

Buyer wants these fixed or is nit picking you for allowances for every little thing? Good luck.

creeper 04-20-2012 04:54 AM

Tell them the Seller is strapped for time and cash and take $500 or whatever, off the purchase price, which you feel is more than generous and be done with it.
As a Realtor, YOU know these Buyers want the place as much as you want them to have it, or they wouldn't have offered in the first place. Do you really think 3 windows is going to be a deal breaker for them ?

joecaption 04-20-2012 12:06 PM

Or just install three replacement windows, it's a simple DIY fix in most cases.

AnnsKlan 04-20-2012 05:32 PM

Window Repair
My thanks to the three reply's! I think $ towards new windows might be the solution...even though $ are what we are trying to save! Called the inspector... he had quoted verbally to buyers and their realtor $200. I said well, that could buy new windows! He said exactly...paying someone to repair if you can even get the part might cost that $ hopefully will solve problem. ( And the real problem is...they won't open but an inch...not that they won't stay up...maybe a fire hazard, they said!)
He has 3 shutters that blew off and were damaged...can't match so now has to buy 8 pairs of shutters and hang...and he is not terrifically handy but to pay someone is more $. Also Radon mitigation $985!
Been a Realtor for 40 years and working with my son is becoming my most difficult sale! And also my last...hanging up my shingle after this!
Thanks again to you all...

creeper 04-20-2012 05:43 PM

Working with family can go either way!!
40 years!! Congrats on your retirement. I've only been at it less than 10.
I guess you've seen every market condition come and go. How is the market where you are now? I hear the States has pockets where the market is recovering very rapidly. Back to multiple offers in a weeks time !
I was going to ask you if you saw Brian Buffini's webex yesterday, but if you are retiring I'm sure you are DONE with all that rah rah stuff :)

About those windows. Remember ...Buyers are liars !

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