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wagslick 05-02-2011 07:54 PM

Window Leak Mystery
Hi. I'm Wags and new to the forum.

I purchased this house 2 years ago and noticed a small leak above one of the windows. I manipulated the gutters outside the window and added a little caulking and now only get moisture above the window. Today I was about to fill in above the window with some drywall compound and noticed that the area directly above my window is pretty much hollow and has rotten wood. The directly above the vinyl window is an aluminum flashing type material, then rotton wood, then some metal beam running the length of the window. I want to repair this but i'm concerned about moisture. Any ideas how to fix the problem. I've added several pictures for reference.

HomeSealed 05-02-2011 09:41 PM

I'm sorry to say it --as I realize that this is a diy forum, but you have a can of worms there. I'd highly recommend that you hire a pro to come and remove the existing damaged areas and replace/ reflash properly. At minimum, some siding will need to be removed , drywall and framing replaced, new flashing properly installed, etc. It is nearly impossible to go step by step through what would be need based only on a few pics.

kwikfishron 05-03-2011 04:58 AM

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Welcome to the forum wagslick.

I agree with HomeSealed you need a pro here. There is nothing in a tube that will solve this.

That’s a bad detail where the roof terminates into the corner of the window and has probably been a problem since the day it was built.

You need the right guy on this one, someone that can not only deal with the structural repairs but is also well versed on roofing and siding flashing details.

Stay away from any contractor that even mentions the word “caulking” as a possible solution.

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