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alidamarie 10-02-2012 01:34 AM

Window Glazing repair
When replacing all the steel casement windows in a 1961 house I had the bright idea to preserve the window from the kitchen to the breezeway. So I began stripping off all the old paint.( I lived on a boat for 3 years how did I forget about stripper? must be brain damage from the fumes) I managed to keep most of the glazing intact except for a few spots which I carefully repaired with glazing compound (cured for 1 mo.) crossed my fingers & sealed with paint. After 2 coats primer and 3 coats paint I was ready to remove the tape and newspaper from the windows which look great! Then the other person working decided to put in a few new screws in the locking post. that is when the glazing on the outside of the pane (beveled part) partially fell off. I have a time limit & cannot take the pane out to repair the area.I have been unable to find out what I can use to patch the area about 3" long. My partner put some of the piece back on w/contact cement. I was thinking BONDO which can be sanded and then he decided to patch it with caulk. I don't know if I should leave the caulk or try to pry it off w/o doing any more damage. There is no icon here that fully expresses how I feel. So HELP Me Please if you know what to do.

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