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Irishman Sean 06-08-2013 08:02 AM

Storm Door
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Buying a storm door at HD or Lowe's.

- See attached picture...the door frame (white part) has a hollow metal covering (prob. aluminum). Based in the picture, do you see any issues with installing it that I should be aware of, or things that will guide the purchase?

- We want a full sized, interchangeable glass/screen), and designs on the glass do not matter. Rec. on the type of door?

- Any way to mitigate rusting doorknobs?

- Any way to mitigate heat from sun (when glass panel is in)?

Thank you in advance.


joecaption 06-08-2013 08:39 AM

Is that door in the direct sun during the day?
If so, big mistake for one painting that door a dark color, and adding a full view storm door will only make it worst.
The heat can and often time does cause the paint to start to peel and will melt the gaskets in the window, plus distroy the vinyl trim around them.
When that door was new there was a sticker on the door warning not to paint it a dark color.
Someone wimped out when wrapping that door making it easy for them but much harder for you to add a storm door. It should have been done one of two ways. The simple way would have been to bend one piece in the shape of an L with about a 1" tab and replace the old wooden brick moulding with vinyl. I use undersill (also called utility trim) around the door sealing area so the new metal can be slipped into the groove so there's no exposed nails.
Another way is to do it in two pieces but one is bent in the shape of the brick moulding so it fits tight to it.
I use what's called a Brake Buddy that bends the metal in one pass. Since it cost over $300.00 to buy few people even know what one is.
Add some solor shield film to that new door may be a good idea.

Irishman Sean 06-08-2013 09:09 AM

Joe - thank you. Trees provide strong coverage, so don't think it will be too bad. That film may be right prescription.

As for the installation, mainly trying to not to get hosed if I have them install it - so trying to go in with eyes wide open. Thanks for the feedback.

joecaption 06-08-2013 10:45 AM

I feel that trying to install a door over what you have now is not going to work out for a couple of differant reasons.
One is that low area across the top of the door, and the fact the way it was wrapped it's not hollow on the outside corners so there's no way the enclosed screws would be long enough or do any good.
It needs to be attached directly to the inside edges of the brick moulding.

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