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operagost 07-22-2011 12:17 PM

Small bugs and spiders getting past roll-down screen
I have what I think is a Larson storm door with a hideaway, roll-down screen. The problem I have is that small bugs and spiders seem to be getting past the screen. I see two flaws with the design:

1. The sides of the screen are not fixed, but slide against brushes on either side. That being said, the fit is pretty tight.
2. The weather stripping between the fixed glass and the sliding glass/screen unit is another rather wimpy bunch of bristles instead of a sweep or gasket. I can imagine bugs and small spiders crawling up between the two pieces of glass (when the screen is pulled down) and pushing their way past the bristles (and indeed, I sometimes see them in between the two panels.

I think we had slightly fewer invaders last year when I tried sticking a piece of rubber weatherstrip in between the panels, but it quickly came off and made a sticky mess on the glass. I was thinking of grabbing piece of door sweep or other stiff vinyl, or a piece of the old-fashioned recycled felt stuff and somehow attaching it more permanently above the existing weatherstripping. Anyone have any other ideas?

Just Bill 07-25-2011 06:52 AM

Get on Larson's website and see what they have to offer. There should be a sticker with model # on the hinge edge of the door. Those rolling screens do have some issues.

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