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Pardner 11-03-2013 12:17 PM

Reuse large window frame for small window
I have a 94" x 36" window that I would like to drastically reduce to a small ~30" window. Is it possible to reuse the structure of the large window, add cripple studs, and framing for the rough opening for the smaller window?

I have not ripped the drywall out yet so I am not exactly sure what I have for studs and framework. The house is in Baltimore County Maryland, built in 1941, and the window is in an addition portion that I have not idea when it was built.

I would like to so from this:
(note, king stud, header, etc not shown) and I would like to go to this:

I guess the go is to do it with minimal work/money and stay in code! Would I need permits to do this?

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

joecaption 11-03-2013 03:33 PM

What your suggesting will work fine except you'll have to add a few extra to act as nailers to attach the sheetrock to.
How hard it will be depends on the type of siding you have, the framing and sheetrock is easy.
Going to have to call about the permit issue. I can not imagine why you would need one but better safe then fined.
If you add your location to your profile it sure help with code questions.
Just go to quick links to edit.

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