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gwilkrrs 04-08-2013 11:24 AM

pocket door install help
i plan on putting pocket doors in my additions bathroom. the directions (johnson) say the width is door x2 +1" and i want to use a 28" door so that equall 57" wih will work for my 5' wide room. this should leave me with the 3" i need for the trim on the latch side correct? i believe i have just enough room for it....

fetzer85 04-08-2013 12:50 PM

Never installed one but what you're saying makes sense to me. Do you have a full 60" w/ drywall up? You may need to rip your latch side trim piece to fit but that wouldn't be a huge deal.

hand drive 04-10-2013 07:50 PM

the trick is to figure the jamb thickness on the side that the door shuts to ( full jamb) which is usually 3/4" thick and then start your pocket studs 28" from that, so 28 3/4" from the framing(jack stud). when you put the pocket jambs in you will have the 3/4" thickness of them to hold the door in place when fully closed against the full jamb. check to make sure that the jack stud is plumb before figuring your 3/4" off of it.. been there and done that.

a trick for a smooth pocket door is to bow the pocket studs out just a tiny bit in the middle to prevent rubbing if they happen to bow in some, after installation just pry out in the middle a tiny bit on the pocket studs

edit... re read first post. if the kit comes with the 1/2" rubber bumper you will need 57 1/4" jack to jack and and start the first pocket stud 28 3/4 in off of opening jack. be sure and install the rubber bumper perfectly center of the jack in the wall or else the door will likely kick off the track when it butts into the bumper...

funfool 04-10-2013 08:23 PM

Looks good on paper, I have installed several in the past. Never found a pocket door I liked.

You will have a pocket door frame. You will need a header and kings and jack studs on each end to hold up the header. Then you will install the pocket door frame while framing and before sheet rock.

Without seeing what you have, maybe you could stick the kings in adjoining walls but can you do it with the jacks?
Your opening is already down to 58 1/2" assuming you can bury the kings in adjoining walls, will take some creative framing for this.
Add another 3" for kings if not, you are down to 55". Even 58 does not leave you room for trim.

I would really think about why you want a pocket door over a conventional door.
They cost twice as much for a quality pocket door over a standard door, and take twice the effort to install one correctly.
Sometimes it really does make sense to install them, in certain areas.
I am guessing a 60" wall will not be enough for a 28" door.

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