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frankm1960 05-27-2013 10:17 PM

Old slider windows - time for upgrade ?
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I got these old sliders and they're pretty drafty. I cover them with plastic in the winter and it really helps reducing this draft.
I've got 9 of these windows in the house still... they're from the 70's and the vinyl is brittle, two windows are missing latches on one side and won't lock anymore.

The wood frames are still very solid and so is the trim on the outside... just needs paint once every 6 yrs or so. I would like to keep the wood frame and trim but that's not likely possible.

But I think I should upgrade the glass because they are not tight at all.

Should I rip the whole window out and measure the RO and order windows to fit or can I get an insert of some type ?

Like I say the wood frame is still good, solid wood which is just as good as vinyl insulation wise I believe.
They seem to be installed nice and tight, not much draft through the sides... I've got the inside trim off as you can see.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

747 05-28-2013 02:15 AM

Do you have central air? If no. I would replace with double hung. This way window air no problem. If yes on the Central air. Grab a low e slider.

creeper 05-28-2013 04:51 AM

I hate sliders.
747: I don't think the issue is keeping the cool air in so much as it is keeping the cold air out.

I think its kind of amazing that your '70's sliders don't leak.

I had 80% of the sliders here yanked out and replaced with casements. I love them and the difference in comfort level was immediate. The new view without all the frame in the way is even better.

Windows on Wash 05-28-2013 06:22 AM

Casements are my favorite operator when it comes to air tightness and efficiency as well.

You will pay a bit of premium but I think they are worth it.

747 05-28-2013 06:43 AM

I missed he was from Canada.:laughing: I thinking about putting my window air conditioners in this week.:laughing: I have hotwater heat

frankm1960 05-28-2013 11:27 AM

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I'm in Canada and it's more about keeping cold air out here... sometimes it gets hot but I can live with that and I don't use AC at all. So I want to keep the heat in most of the times.

I don't know if you have these types of sliders in the US or not. There's 4 single panes of glass per window, each one slides. They're not thermo-pane.

If I take each pane (sash you might call them) out I'm left with just a vinyl and wood frame. I'm thinking of removing the 4 panes of glass, stripping off the vinyl down to the wood and installing some type of insert so I don't have to touch the outside trim or siding at all.

I think most of the heat loss in these windows is around the channels they slide in and also where they join in the center. The windows frost up in the winter so the heats definitely escaping through them a lot.

Any thoughts on that ?

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