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jsfoltz 08-26-2011 04:44 PM

Old replacement window
So, I have this replacement window that was put in some time ago I assume. The framing around it was annihilated by termites.

I replaced the framing but the way the window sits can't be right. There is about 2.5 inches of space between the framing and the exterior of the siding. I attribute it to there being multiple layers of siding.

There was no flashing or foam etc. to seal the window up. They used 1/4 pieces of wall paneling to span the gap from the window to the plaster and those pieces sat around the window between it and the framing out to the siding.

There is aluminum trim pieces that cover the gap outside but they are poorly cut to fit and were overly caulked in.

Where I am left at is how to install this window properly until next summer when I am done with the rest of the house and can renovate this shoddily built addition.

I'm an electrician so I'm not new to construction but I'm stumped on this.

My names Jason and I'm in Pittsburgh, PA

Tom Struble 08-26-2011 07:27 PM

that type of window is usually installed into an existing window frame

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