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Old door woes

The front door to my house has always ranged between difficult/easy to open depending on the weather, but recently, it's gotten much worse. When the door is at its worst, it requires a lot of muscle to lock/unlock, sometimes can be nearly impossible. Does anyone have any tips for how to remedy this? The door has a thin metal piece running along the edge, as does the inside of the door frame, I attached some pics for clarity. Perhaps these pieces can be adjusted/removed. I'm fairly handy with some other things, but I've never had to deal with this before. Additionally, there's a crack in the door, visible in the pics. Would some simple exterior would filler be the best way to repair that crack? I have a few friends who rent rooms, and they can't imagine why I don't just go get a new door..............I guess I have an attachment to the original door of my 20s craftsman.
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It's going to be pretty impossible to tell you what's wrong with the door from those pictures and without a visual inspection. Any number of things could happen to it at this point. Water, structural movement, brought, or noun hinges, etc. Do you have any good carpenters that can take a peek at it for you?


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Can you tell where the door is binding/sticking? Is it the door itself or the lock/latch? You said the door was hard to lock/unlock, do you mean it is hard to turn the key?

From the last picture it looks like the strike plate on the door jam is shiny where the door latch (the angled thing that moves in and out on the side of the door) is rubbing against it. If so, it looks like the door latch is not centered on the square opening in the strike plate, and is low enough that the bottom of the latch is rubbing against the strike plate. Assuming that's true, then the dead bolt just below the door latch would also be low enough to rub on the strike plate. You can probably check this by lifting up on the door handle to see if it makes the door easier to lock/unlock with the key.

The can be several reasons that the door latch and dead bolt are no longer centered on their holes in the strike plate. Settling of the door frame can cause it as well as wear on the door hinges. If the door hinges are worn, you can remove them (one at a time) and re-install them upside down from their original orientation.

If you post a close up picture of the door when it's just barely open so we can see how the door latch and strike plate line up and another close up of the door hinges it will help determine what's wrong.
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To add a few other things it can be.
Loose, to short, or stripped hinge screws.
Unpainted top bottom and side of door causing to to shrink and swell.
That panel is cracked because someone painted it and did not cut the paint line, that panel is suppost to float.
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