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Liftmaster doesn't stop safely

Finally got my overhead door to open & close completely. But, I noticed it closes hard, almost with a little bang. Yesterday I did a safety check by putting a box under the door and closing it and no the door didn't stop. It smashed the heck out of the box.

I found the " force " adjustment dials on the motor. Is it safe to adjust them myself? One thing I read was if safety didn't work to call a technician.


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Not going to do any harm.
Turn just a small amount at a time toward the -.


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Door travel limits may still be out of adjustment. You didn't say what model liftmaster you have. As far as the closing force adjustment, turn it down all the way with the door in the up position. When you hit the button to close the door, it will probably move a couple of inches down, then reverse itself. That means the down force setting is set too light. Increase the downforce by turning the adjustment button about an 1/8" at a time. Try closing the door each time. When it doesn't reverse and goes all the way down, you are pretty close. At this point, go stand by the door with it in the up position and have a remote in your hand. Start the door down. While the door is coming down, try to stop it with your free hand. It should exert moderate pressure, then stop and reverse itself. If you can make it do that, you are good. Then when the door goes all the way down, watch the steel track and see if it bows up as the door stops. A very slight tension on the track is ok. If it bows up in the air more than 1/2", the down travel is set too far. Back it off by turning the down travel button in the direction opposite what the directional arrow shows. Turn about an eight of a turn at a time and recheck by starting the door back up, wait till it travels about one foot and then stop it and make it go back down. When the door hits bottom, it should compress the rubber seal and you should see the track just start to bow.
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Thanks, this is great help. My model is 2220.

My legs got tired yesterday up an down on the ladder so much checking this. I finally stopped when the door just bent a box a little, then reversed.

I got confused on the adjustments at the side and the ones in the back of the motor.

I'll work on it some more.
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