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miamicuse 09-05-2012 08:15 PM

Installing Window Blinds
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Not sure if window blinds belong to the Windows forum or the general forum, but here goes.

I was trying to install a pair of 2" faux wood horizontal blinds to my window. The window is 72" wide with a vertical sash in the middle, hence I am installing two 35" wide blinds.

These blinds come with two brackets that can be top mounted or side mounted.

Problem is where I need to mount the brackets I am not hitting wood behind the drywall. Usually around the window frame there are wood furrings but I am not hitting it. I don't want to use just sheetrock to hold the blinds up.

So I have two options.

(1) Install a strip of 1x lumber under the top edge of the window all the way across the entire window. Drill holes all the way to the concrete block and secure with Tapcon screws. Mount the top side of the brackets to this strip of wood. Paint this wood the same color as the sheetrock.


(2) Use Tapcon screws directly to mount the bracket. Use long screws to go past sheetrock, 1/2" of dead space then concrete. Problem is the bracket holes are smaller and even 3/16" Tapcon screws are too big for it. I will need to drill the holes bigger.

Thoughts? Comments?

DexterII 09-07-2012 06:55 PM

Well, I saw your post the other day, and didn't have any great ideas, but, since nobody else has made any suggestions, here are a couple of thoughts. First of all, and I can't offer a good reason, but tapcons would not be my first choice for this application. I believe that I would start with a stud finder, locating the furring strips in the applicable areas, and then looking for any manner of symmetry in the strips. If practical at that point, I believe that I would consider 1x material, 4", 6", whatever might work, that could be shaped in some manner, maybe something as simple as rounding the outer edges, maybe cocked to pose as a diamond on the wall, whatever, in order to have something that I could screw into the furring strips, and then screw the brackets into. If that didn't make sense with the spacing od the strips, I believe that I would cut a hole in the drywall, large enough to work a 1x backer through, then butter the piece of 1x with adhesive, work it behind the drywall, pull it tight, let the adhesive set, and patch the hole, leaving a mounting plate on the back side of the drywall.

cabinetman 09-07-2012 07:09 PM

There should be some kind of wood strips behind the drywall at the top of the window opening...the underside. If it's a block wall, drywall isn't just attached to it.

Or, add a wood strip to the underside of the window opening, and install it with Tapcons if you have to, and then your brackets can be screwed to that.


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