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semibeginner 05-14-2013 07:19 PM

Installing replacement window into rough opening

I am working on my tiny cabin and it is window time. The frame is 2x4 16'oc. Then there is 3/4" sheating and some type of t1-11 on top outside. I plan on installing wood boards with live edge on that once I finish putting all the windows in.

I couldn't find any 'new construction' windows for sale in my area (at the size I wanted - 36x74) without a long wait... So I bought the ones they had in stock which are replacement windows (no flange).

Another issue is the fact that I currently don't have any wrap on the exterior and won'r have any until I am done installing the windows as this could take a long time until install the exterior siding (boards) and the wrap won't stay in the sun for that long....

Did anyone did this before and can give me a step-by-step of what I should do?

Framing the rough open I know (although I read different accounts on how much bigger it should be than the window..) but how to properly flash it... very unsure.

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