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zippster75 05-13-2013 12:59 PM

Installing New Sliding Patio Door
I'm replacing an old set of french doors leading out to the patio with a new sliding door. Any suggestions on what I should look for, or look out for, when purchasing the new door. Some folks tell me to use a sill pan, others tell me not to worry about it. Just looking for your advice on these 2 things.

joecaption 05-13-2013 03:22 PM

A sill pan is by far the best way to go, it can also be done with window tape and flashing.
Main reason most sliders leak and rot out is because of poor or no flashing, and there installed to close to any solid surface. A porch, stoop, deck within
6" of the threshold can cause all types of issues.
There also needs to be a something installed along the whole underside of the threshold to support it.
I like to use 3/4" vinyl lumber tight up againt it held in place with SS trim head screws.
DO NOT use a 2X, it sticks out to far and will funnel the water under it.

Dave88LX 11-20-2013 10:02 AM


Do you have a diagram of what you are talking about? I'm trying to visualize this...


joecaption 11-20-2013 05:45 PM
Door thresholds stick out past the side of the house about 1".
Unless there's something up under it it's going to flex and crack the side seals.

Dave88LX 11-20-2013 07:34 PM

I wish anyone local carried something like that.

Dave88LX 11-20-2013 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by joecaption (Post 1269245)
Door thresholds stick out past the side of the house about 1".
Unless there's something up under it it's going to flex and crack the side seals.

I can order Jamsill on Amazon and get it Friday.

That is the right one, yes?

I noticed the old slider's threshold where it overhung was all spongy bent down. Probably partially due to it being a terrible subfloor to begin with, but, did not have any under support either.

I saw another post of yours where you talked about using some sort of vinyl board. If I go this route, it will just have to sit on the top of my deck. Is this OK? Would the Jamsill go OVER the extra piece of vinyl board, or is it something that is attached afterwards? I can't see how the Jamsill would go over it, as it wouldn't fit correctly in the corner.

Adhesive, screws, or both?

Dave88LX 11-21-2013 12:16 AM

OK found it:


Originally Posted by joecaption
I use 1 X 6 or 4" Vinyl lumber attached with stainless steel trim head screws pushed up tight under the threshold.
Than J mould around it.
Run it all the way out to the outside edges of the vinly brick moulding so the J will cover up the ends of the vinyl lumber.
You also need to flash that door opening before the door goes in.

And add a strip of Z moulding over the top of the door before the J goes on.


Nope, just 3/4 vinyl lumber will work.
Main thing is it has to sit under the threshold not ever stick out past it.
I've made a ton of money when some builder cheaps out and uses a pressure treated 2 X 4.
It ends up acting like a funnel and rots out the subfloor and rim joist.
Ching ching, show me the money.

joecaption 04-15-2014 09:54 AM

Vinyl lumber for the support goes in first, then the jamb sill so the outside lip on the jamb sill will hang over it.
The Jamb sill is just nailed with roofing nails where it runs up the R/O on the two outside edges, never in the bottom of it.

dwaynesmithz 04-16-2014 01:52 AM

I would agree to Steven James. Patio door glass is more attractive that wooden.

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