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toobhed 03-15-2012 02:18 PM

Installing new doors, floors, and trim.
I am finishing up the basement remodel and am getting to the doors, floors and trim stage. Almost done! I am looking for advice on the order in which to install. I have three doors and three sets of folding doors for closets. I will be installing on areas with laminate, carpet and linoleum.

I am considering installing the laminate and linoleum, then installing the doors and trim. Then the carpet installers will be in last to do their thing. Is this advisable?

There are two doors and one folding door on the laminated area. Should I install the pre hung door after the laminate, and if it goes on top of the laminated flooring, should it be raised above the flooring or should it sit tight? Should I install the folding doors on top of the laminate, drilling anchors through laminate and concrete below?

In the carpeted areas would it be best to install before carpet is laid and if so how high should I set the doors for adequate clearance?

The last door will be at a carpet to linoleum transition. Would it be better to have the pre hung door on top of carpet? It is a door to small bathroom that has to open out onto the carpet. I am not sure about the transition and thought I would leave the linoleum long and the carpet guys could just lay over top or cut it out.

Sorry for long post, hopefully there are short answers :wink: Thanks!!!!!

woodworkbykirk 03-15-2012 03:11 PM

this is a common debate even among seasoned carpenters

i personally prefer hanging all doors first. this way you can set the door plumb, square and true while letting the jamb legs run long same with the casings. when the flooring guys show up they can undercut the jamb and casing so their flooring fits perfectly under the door assembly with no gap.

ive played the guessing game before via setting the door jamb on a peice of wood thats supposed to be the thickness of the finished flooring which should eliminate the need for undercutting.. however when the flooring arrived it was actually thinner than the sample piece which required us to go around and cut little slivers of trim to fit into the gaps between the floor and casing... not fun at all and no simply caulking it wont work.

the other reason to trim first is because it eliminates the risk of damaging new floors by dropping a tool or piece of wood.. once the floors are down the only thing that should need to be done is install door hardware. and install baseboards at that point you dont even need to wear a toolbelt just carry around a small toolbag with the bare essential tools

princelake 03-15-2012 08:56 PM

i like to do it after the flooring, makes for a good tight fit to the floor and the flooring guys dont hate you for having to cut all the jambs and possibly of having to cut the door. also your suppose to have your full 1" jamb at the bottom of the door for fire code. theres no right or wrong way its whatever you prefer.

toobhed 03-15-2012 09:08 PM

Great info thanks!

Tell me about the full 1" jamb code point you brought up. It's a basement; does this apply to the jamb from one are with laminate to another with laminate, or does it apply to all door all jambs?

woodworkbykirk 03-16-2012 02:03 PM

1" jambs are typically for fire rated or security doors, they are harder to break into and have weatherstripping which prevents the passage of smoke from one space to another, these types of doors are rare in basements unless someone wants one leading into the utility room

toobhed 03-16-2012 02:21 PM

Ok, that makes sense then. The wall to my utility room actually has an air vent in the wall presumably to let air flow to it. That is what the hvac guy said anyway. In my case sealing the door wouldn't help hahaha!

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