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tambo 08-08-2012 02:46 PM

how to secure replacement casement window
We are replacing an old wood casement with a new vinyl casement window. This is in a bathroom remodel, so the room is empty down to the studs. When we ordered we were told that since this was replacement we wouldn't want a nailing flange. But now I can't figure out how to secure the thing. There are no pre-drilled holes in it and it says in the manual (it is a Crestline window) not to drill through the window or it voids the warranty. There is a mention of installation clips but I don't know if those apply to our situation? We asked at Menards where we bought it and they'd never heard of installation clips. When I remove the old window there is a wood frame (?) that it sits in or backs into (in other words I couldn't push it outside from the inside). Someone said we just apply caulk to that frame and hold the thing in place with the actual trim. Can that be right? The window itself isn't secured to anything?

Thanks for any advice.

joecaption 08-08-2012 10:01 PM

Never heard of such a thing. I've always seen holes in the two sides of the frame with counter sinks. And the screws even come taped to the window.

Post a picture of the hole where it's going.

Windows on Wash 08-09-2012 07:57 AM

Installation clips are normally for a new construction install that is fin-less.

Post up a picture of the window.

tambo 08-09-2012 01:26 PM

here's what we have...
Okay, I'll have to figure out why my pics won't upload...they're on the desktop as jpg's but it keeps saying upload failed...I'll try to get them up.

I'm wondering now if we ordered the wrong window?? There are definitely no holes. We haven't removed the old window yet so maybe I'm wrong about the space. The old window has aluminum brickmould on the outside. It's not nailed or screwed to anything on the inside (in otherwords, I can see all around it from the inside and don't see any attachment to studs) so must be a nailing fin or external casing. I'm assuming I remove from the outside. ??

I've tried contacting the company 2x's by phone and once by email - waiting for a response...

We've done everything else on our own, I'd really like to figure this out without hiring outside too.

tambo 08-09-2012 01:41 PM

The instruction manual discusses how to install windows with a nailing fin, PVC casing trim or exterior casing (I assume this means factory installed) and our window has none of these. Since these are our 3 choices should we have ordered it with one of these for a replacement window? (we were told a fin was for new construction only) ??

Still can't get pics to upload. ??

tambo 08-10-2012 11:49 AM

update - using masonry clips
Just to update...I got a response from Crestline and they say that we should be using masonry clips. So we'll go that route.

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