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amakarevic 06-08-2013 09:35 PM

How to install door that is not pre-hung and has custom jamb?
I have an antique restored interior door with a transom for which I have to make my own jamb due to the height of the side jambs (big boxes sell only 80" door jambs). Should I

A) assemble the jamb and hang the door on it outside the rough opening before fitting it in (basically pre-hang it myself) or

B) assemble the pieces of jamb inside the rough opening?

I am inclined to think A because how else do I know how much shimming I will need. However, one problem I see with that is how to assemble 1x planks of the jamb at right angles around the door and set the hinges in correct spots. It seems like I would need a firm frame to support the composition.

oh'mike 06-09-2013 07:38 AM

You have a door and matching transom? If that is correct, I suggest you build the jambs and mortice in the hinges before installing the jab set.

All that fine work would be simpler for me to do in the shop---

Also easier to adjust the jambs while installing, than to trim the door to fit an already installed set of jambs.

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