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dirtyp 03-09-2011 02:25 AM

Grant to replace w/vinyl window inserts. Worth it?
I have an older bungalow with a pristine trim kit from the early 50's. As part of a state program, they will "give" me $250 per window to install double-hung vinyl inserts in about 24 windows (Dbl/LoE/Arg, as it says on the spec sheet). The windows are of varying widths, but all the same height.

I've found a handful of people who will DO the work, but several of the local, reputable folks have balked that they can't do it for the price. If you look at the places that send random folks out (and who have little choice in windows, like Lowe's or HD), the folks charge $99 per window to throw in the inserts (which seems high to me for someone coming out of a big box, but I've only done one in my life).

Any advice? I don't have money outside of the 0% loan that would come with this program (it attaches to one of my utilities and is a 15yr loan).

So I guess my question is this: Are there inserts that cost < $250 by enough that someone with skill could install them? Would they be high enough quality to warrant installing? An example size (interior) would be 25" by 48".

Are there brands I should stick with or avoid?

Thank you all for your advice in advance.

Just Bill 03-09-2011 07:41 AM

The windows I most often use, Viwinco(east of Miss), generally cost more than that, so nothing is left for installation. But this is a DIY website, so why sacrifice quality, get good windows and install them yourself. The basic vinyl offerings from big box are junk, IMHO.

Measuring the opening is important and the windows are fairly easy to install, good directions for a casual DIY'er.

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