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doortodoor 03-15-2011 08:05 AM

Garage Door Repair Tip
Garage door repair tips are very helpful when professional assistance takes time to arrive. Many times, garage doors have been known to malfunction due to some problems that can be easily taken care of at home through some troubleshooting measures. Keep your tools handy to help yourself fix your garage door.

Steps to Garage Door Repair

Carefully examine the tracks and brackets holding them to the walls.

Look for dents or flat spots, and when you find them, flatten them with a hammer or a scrap of wood. Badly damaged tracks have to be replaced.
Check whether the tracks are properly aligned. If the alignment is faulty, you should tighten the screws without removing them completely.
Use a concentrated household cleaning liquid to clean these tracks so as to remove grease or any hardened dirt. Rollers must be carefully cleaned too and wiped dry.

Next, you will need to lubricate both the rollers and tracks with powdered graphite and lubricant spray, respectively.
Examine and then tighten loose hardware, and if you have swing-up garage doors, check to see if the screws on the plates where they are mounted are secure. Check the hinges on roll-up garage doors, and tighten any loose screws, or replace any damaged hinges as needed.
On swing-up and roll-up doors, check the springs attached to holes and spring cables fixed to pulleys.

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Garage Door Repair

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