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Killian81 08-22-2011 03:24 PM

Double hung Windows
Hi, Does anyone know how to remove a double hung window that has a metal track????? Thanks:huh:

Jackofall1 08-22-2011 03:29 PM

Hello Killian and welcome to the best darn DIY'r site on the web.

A picture is worth a thousand words, some DH windows aren't meant to be removed, easily that is.


Just Bill 08-23-2011 07:20 AM

The sash is often spring loaded to one side. Try pushing to either side, if it moves one way, that is it. Another method was to break the track at the top or bottom enough to allow the sash to swing out.

1910NE 08-23-2011 04:17 PM

I recently did this in my barn. It was kind of a PITA. post a picture, and if it looks like what i just worked with i can provide some pointers

Windows on Wash 08-30-2011 02:41 PM

Remove for replacement or for service?

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