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rustic 11-21-2011 12:43 PM

doors as counters
I am wanting to use solid doors as a floating countertop for my wife's craft room.

i will need to cut them shorter and wasnt sure if i need to get a certain door so that there will be a good material inside of them.

the cut side will not be shown but i didnt want sawdust falling out of them when i do cut them.

can anyone tell me if i need to look out for a certain type of solid core?

kwikfishron 11-21-2011 07:25 PM

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I could understand this if you said “ I have some solid core doors that I would like to turn into craft counters” but to seek out doors as the primary material for counter tops would not be my first choice.

rustic 11-22-2011 06:01 AM

Please list the cons.

if you are talking about laminate, i dont want it.

i can choose just about any width i want 24,26,28 and so on.

i dont have to finish the edges with molding.

ii will have a more robust look to it (thickness wise)

it will be less work and possibly less expensive

DangerMouse 11-22-2011 07:13 AM

Not too sure what type of door you're talking about. If you have them handy already, I suppose you could get some sheet vinyl at M***rds for about $15 or so for a 4'x8' sheet, a can of contact cement (use only in well ventilated area....) and cover it in that to make it easily cleanable for the wife. Of course, if it's a hollow cheapie door, her craft room is probably the only place you'd want to attempt to use it. Even with the vinyl covering, I'd tear it up in no time out in my shop. If it were me, I'd just get a sheet of plywood and glue the sheet vinyl on it. Or get a sheet that's vinyl covered already and forget about doors.


Maintenance 6 11-22-2011 09:53 AM

If you cut them down in height, you will likely cut the rail off that is embedded in the door. That may allow the door to curl, depending on the core material. Stave core would be the best if you are going to cut them down. You may want to look for a special on post formed counter tops at a box store. They might be cheaper than buying a solid core door.

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