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milz45 07-07-2012 09:11 AM

Door slab kit for interior doors
I've got 7 interior doors slabs I need to install.

I do not have the old doors, so I can't use them as a template. The jams are already mortised, obviously, but they only have top/bottom hinges. I'm looking for a good template kit that will let me add the middle hinge mortise to the jam, then transfer all of them to the slab AND cut the bore for the knob/lock.

I've seen a few of these online, but they tend to be separate (mortise set and bore set). They're pretty expensive too. That being said, I'm saving a good bit doing these myself so I'm willing to spend a little if it makes the job go easier. If you've had experience doing this and liked a particular set of templates/jigs please let me know.

oh'mike 07-07-2012 06:21 PM

I have an old set of Sears hinge templates---But for 7 doors I would hand chisel the jambs---
then use a router with a depth guide and hand cut the door mortices --

As to the lock bore set--Irwin makes a cheap one that should last long enough for hollow doors--
A pro grade lock bore set will cost more than your doors.

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