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AJPLeBlanc 05-16-2013 09:06 AM

Curved Eave Sunroom window treatments
Hello everyone.
I recently purchased my first home and I'm working through several updating projects in the house.
The house has a great sun room with a 4 panel curved eave window. The former owners put up some "home made" blinds that look absolutely terrible. I've looked into purchasing specialty blinds that follow the track of the curve, however it appears that those blinds approach $500 per window. I'm wondering if anyone has any creative ways that they have dealt with this? I'd like something that rides close to the window (someone suggested vertical blinds that hang from the top of the window but I think that wastes space in the room.
My only requirements are:
1.) cost effective
2.) easily adjustable (Ideally as easy as blinds)
3.) decent looking (I'm sort of looking for a creative solution, but If possible I'd like it to look nice)

Here are a couple of pictures. These are pictures we took before we bought the house.
The first is of the inelegant, current solution. I'm not sure if you can see, but the former owner took long sections of 1x1 and screwed them into the aluminum frames, then they used wire to tie the blinds to the 1x1. The second is from the outside to show a better idea of the profile of the window.
I can't stand the way these blinds look, but I can't take them down until I have a viable replacement. Even with the existing blinds in place, the south facing room gets SO hot during the day, removing the blinds would probably turn it into a sauna.

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