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twobyfour2 05-04-2011 01:11 PM

Can you flash replacement windows with existing siding?
Our house, which was built in '93, doesn't have flashing on any of the double-hung wood windows - they're just sitting in the rough opening with 'some' insulation stuffed around the sides. The builder only installed a 'wood' drip cap that I constantly paint (along with the sills), which still seem to rot on me! Knowing what I know now about flashing and how windows should be properly installed, I'm hesitant to just install replacement windows. I mean, isn't that like a half-finished job... new window and still no flashing?

Ideally, I would replace the crappy LP siding that is deteriorating, Tyvek the house and install new windows at the same time... but that would be very expensive since I have so many windows on the back side of the house.

So here's my questions:
1) Can I 'carefully' pry the LP siding away long enough to properly install and flash new construction windows?
2) If I can't install new windows without destroying the siding, can I go with replacement windows now, then later on have those windows flashed somehow when we install hardiplank in the future?
3) or do you guys think replacement windows are acceptable, and I just forget about the idea of ever properly installing/flashing windows in this house?

Hope this all makes sense.

Tom Struble 05-04-2011 04:12 PM

it's really pretty simple and no you don't need to use insert windows

just cut the siding 3'' or so wider than the new windows and use trim to fill in

you can then flash the widows the way you want,one thing is tho if theres no paper at all on the house you need to direct any water the flashing will divert to the outside

twobyfour2 05-04-2011 09:09 PM

Hmmm... I didn't think about diverting the water. So, what you're saying is.. with no tyvek or wrap the flashing would basically let the water run down (behind) the existing siding, right? These houses down here in Atlanta are really built poorly. The only thing up against the stud walls is this styrofoam looking stuff that they place the siding over.

So what would I do to divert the water? These windows are all on the main floor (2nd floor). The 1st floor is basically a walk out basement with no windows... just a door at the end of the house.

jjackson 05-31-2011 09:29 PM

It seems like you can replace the wood drip cap with metal flashing to properly divert the water. Its hard to do anything about the sills if they are not protected by soffit overhang, except replacing them with vinyl. I'm in Atlanta if you would like for me to take a look.

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