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MushCreek 09-23-2012 03:14 PM

Cafe/saloon doors?
In my new house, there's sort of a central hallway in the Master suite. As you enter the hall, the washer and dryer are straight ahead, with the master BR to one side and the master closet the other way. I want a door to close this hallway off from the rest of the house, but it's hard to put in a regular door. If it swings inward, it will either block entrance to the BR or the closet. If it swings out, it sticks out into the dining room.

My solution to this is a pair of swinging doors. I can't find anything that is full length, but just little cafe or saloon doors. Is there any reason why I can't just mount narrow (18") doors so that they swing in either direction, and self-close? I've never seen doors like that. I wonder if its a code issue? There's no need to lock or even secure the doors, and I'd probably find a way to hold them open much of the time. I mostly want to screen the washer/dryer from the rest of the house. Anyone seen anything like this?

joecaption 09-23-2012 03:24 PM

Why not just use a Bifolding door?

MushCreek 09-23-2012 04:29 PM

That's not a bad idea, although I've bad experience with them in the past. If my bedroom were on fire, I'd hate to wrestle with a bi-fold rather than just barge through swinging doors. Maybe a sturdy, quality bi-fold would work better than the cheap ones I've had on closets.

firsttimeremode 09-24-2012 01:18 PM

ive found some full length ones at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore, but the self-closing would probably have to come from special hinges, like a storm door only closes itself if it has the hydraulic bar attached. Lowes has a high-quality bi-fold door kit, its a little pricey but if you want quality it costs you. They also sell a full-length door called an accordion door, it folds into three-inch sections, like an accordion. I had these in a previous rental, and they work fine, but the white ones dont afford much privacy. the brown ones do, and they are fairly cheap and good quality.

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