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jomax2195 07-29-2012 11:41 AM

Bay Windows Possibly Falling out!!!
I have a bay window that is apprx. 10 yrs. old. It has 2 crank out verticle windows on either side and a fixed center window to give you an idea what it looks like. Also, there is a 'seat'/ledge slightly above waist height, that comes off the window apprx. 2-1/2 ft. in depth. My dilemma is that my two little dogs together weigh apprx. 35 lbs. and like to lay on the ledge & look out of the windows. They do not jump on the glass of the window itself or "jump" on the ledge, but they do like to look out of it often, and lay there most of the time while I am out of the home. My landlord told me that there is only a 'cable' holding the window from falling out & that there are no other supports otherwise. She did not elaborate as to whether or not she meant the entire window or the entire frame...? My question is, can the weight of my 2 little dogs, in any manner, cause this window to sag or worse FALL OUT??? :( I am terrified this may happen! Thank you for your help. JoMax

oh'mike 07-29-2012 11:50 AM

That cable system when attached properly will support a lot of weight---enough for full sized humans---

She may have watched the installation and thought it looked very light weight---it's not--only looks that way--

No worry unless done poorly--

jomax2195 07-29-2012 12:01 PM

OH'MIKE - Bay Windows Possibly Falling Out
Hey Mike,

I seriously couldn't tell you wheter or not she was here during the installation or if she thinks the cable sytem looked, 'light', yet everything feels rather secure & strong. I thank you for your advise, I don't know much about window installation and cannot find too much online about cable installation, so that's why I came here to you guys, the 'real people that know what their doing & talking about!!' Thanks for your expedient reply!! JoMax

woody4249 07-31-2012 07:51 PM

Sounds like your landlady has a doggy problem.
Unless this bay window was installed by a complete moron, according to code it must be built to withstand far greater force than two little dogs weighing 35lb.:wink:
Post some photos so we can see.

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