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Fix'n it 10-28-2012 10:02 AM

can XPS be painted ? and how do i fasten it, 1", to the old 3/4" T&G sheathing ? i would like to use screws, if possible. so that "if" i even need to remove it, it will not be a mess and waist of money.

my enclosed front porch. i am taking down the wood siding, to install the xps.
but it is going to be a while before i decide on which type of siding i want on the house. so don't want to front of my house pink.
know what i'm sayin :laughing:

and, since this wall will not be exposed to rain, do i need a house wrap ?

Windows on Wash 10-28-2012 11:26 PM


Yes, it can be painted.

You can screw it on with fender washers in a pinch or just a large head roofing nail if you don't over drive the fastener.

Don't need housewrap it if isn't outside or part of the drainage plain.

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