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Mozzy 04-10-2013 08:24 AM

Spray FOAM - Stone Home Help

I own an 1885 Stone Home in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. The house has updated furnace, has new insulation in the attic but overall remains very cold in the winter. My winter bills peak around 700$ at the most expensvie months (but i have on equal billing to reduce this).

Basement is completely concrete floors, and has a walkway through to an addition that was put on the back of the hosue. so far, the plan is to tackle the 3 stone exterior walls that is under the main living areas and the second floor of the main living area.

Yesterday, I had someone come in to quote me on the spray foaming. My house naturally sits with the basement ciling approx 1' above the ground level. He said that he would ask that I remove the finishings from the basement (drywall etc going from my ankles up to the ceiling and about 1.5' off the ceiling.) approx 500 sf would be sprayed plus the cavity to my entire stairway to the second floor. The price he quoted for this work is 900$ total. I think this is a good price. He is going to coat the top 3/4 in 3'' of spray foam which is R7 per inch. the bottom 1/4 he is going to coat 1"(under the dethaw line).

What is your thoughts on this? Is this going to help solve my cold issues? Should I insulate the ceilings in the basement also? (currently drywalled)

The only other thing I should mension is that my house has only had three 'leaks' of water and usually fills less than 5 sf wide area in my basement. this is three times over the past 4 years, I'm hoping that the spray foam helps slow down any leak but i'm not expecting it to eliminate it. To counter the issues, I could put a rubber back against the stone and go to the bottom or I could dig out that portion of the house and also insulate the exteior and put water sheidl and barrier.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I know a little about everything but i'm sure someone can give me some good advice here. at the price of 900, i feel like i should bite the bullet.

Seattle2k 04-10-2013 11:35 AM

It shouldn't be necessary to insulate your ceiling, since you have conditioned living space above it. Foaming the walls, either on the interior or exterior would help keep the heat in and cold out. I'd foam the interior side. You'll definitely want to take care of that water problem. 3 water intrusions in 4 years is a problem and the foam is not going to keep that out. How is the grading around the property and are there gutters installed?

Gary in WA 04-10-2013 11:34 PM

Like on page 26;


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