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Ntwill 02-16-2012 08:25 PM

Spider webbing of crawl insulation?
I am looking to purchase a new "used" house. When I recently did an inspection with an inspector, when we checked the crawl found it to be damp and the insulation underneath was kind of "spider webbing" the whole thing was not drooping, but kind of frayed and falling. The inspector said this was from repeated moisture and insulation looses its R value and needs to be replaced.

Sellers termite/moisture guy says, it is fine and just needs to be tacked up, with pins.

So who is right is the insulation good or does it go bad and should be replaced?


joecaption 02-16-2012 08:34 PM

No way to tell without being there to see it. Pretty common problum though.
It's never a good thing to have any moisture under the house. can cause fungus, mold, rusting of heating ducts.
Could be lots of things causing it. Lack of gutters, foundation needs regrading, mulch pilled up againt the foundation ect.

Gary in WA 02-16-2012 11:25 PM

The web look is from moisture as f.g. sticks together. Manufacturer says is will dry and not lose R-value, of course they say it is rated at R-___ when really that rating is in an air-tight, six-sided box, sealed closed when tested in a lab -LOL. F.g. in a crawl (or anywhere) is cheap insulation. It loses R-value with air movement -up to 66%. You could always install foamboard under it for a thermal break from the ground radiation:

The space sounds to be vented, which will bring in moisture or right from the ground if no plastic dirt cover. Spring rods are not the best way to move the insulation up tight to the floor above:

I would gently push it up until resistance is felt to check if it is the correct height in the first place (Fills the cavity height). What is holding it up now? Joe made some good points---- damp is not good. And, welcome to the forums!


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