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jburchill 05-04-2011 10:39 AM

Sheetrocking the Basement
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Hello, I am planning on sheetrocking the basement in my house. I have a walk out basement so one wall is facing the outside. And there are two walls that I will be sheetrocking that are below grade level. I am wondering what types of insulation are best and how to insulate.

When i took down the old paneling there was the fiberglass R something behind it. Is the fiberglass rolls good enough or do I need to put the vapor barrier up too.

Thanks in advance.

Gary in WA 05-04-2011 07:03 PM

Where are you located?


jburchill 05-05-2011 09:14 AM

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in the tundra of North Dakota

Gary in WA 05-05-2011 09:44 PM

No v.b. or vapor retarder required, or suggested;


jburchill 05-06-2011 10:01 PM

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Ok, just to clarify this. Since I live in North Dakota I don't need a vapor barrier? I can just use the fiberglass rolls of insulation against the concrete basement wall? I'll check what rating I need. But so it'll be concrete foundation wall, then insulation, then sheetrock?

thank you

Gary in WA 05-09-2011 03:34 PM

No v.b. on basement concrete walls if under the 2009 IRC, check locally to be sure. I suggest foam board rather than f.g. on concrete;


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