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mnr3 10-23-2012 10:23 PM

sealing & insulating beam & batten walls from 70's
decided to try another thread with changed focus from previous, since it did not seem to be going anywhere. here's the situation.

Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, I have stripped walls down to the stud and will be installing new insulation and wall coverings for a house (camp/cottage) built over a low crawl space. The house is the proverbial sieve, with siding nailed directly to the framing members (no sheathing of any kind, no house wrap, no drainage plane), in a beam/batten arrangement. The gap between the batten and house are open to the exterior at the bottom of the walls and there is no caulking/sealing of battens on beams such that one can see outside along a good number of these seams.

A few knocked out knots and cracks in the siding (cedar) adds to the "holy cow, this is ridiculous" nature of the beast--wasps have built nests inside the wall cavities. And let's not even get into the attic yet--hardly any insulation to speak of and ceiling joist areas that open directly into that un-conditioned space. I'll address the latter issue asap, but that won't happen until the place is made habitable again, which starts with building walls (well, a sink and cabinets would be nice too).

My general question: what would you do to insulate and seal these walls? I'm considering rigid foam, either cut into the cavities or just laid on top, sacrificing some floor space. or maybe a spray foam, but haven't had luck in figuring out how well that might deal with the moisture management of unsheathed walls subject to high heat & humidity (built within 100' of navigable water), frequent thunderstorms,etc of southeast Louisiana.

ps sorry to make a new thread of this, but the other title/general direction of thread didn't convey my basic question: how to insulate and seal this old camp and deal with moisture management in tropical climate. thanks

btw, I'd be happy to do some "further reading" on this if anyone can recommend some sites/materials, but I've come up pretty empty on searches and real-life experience, since not too many people rip open the walls for a retrofit.

Gary in WA 10-27-2012 09:58 PM

For the crawl space over wet areas;

The foamboard, which is a vapor retarder, should be on the outside for your climate, location: fig.6,


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