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cristorucci 08-15-2012 11:00 AM

rim joists
I live in a 1910 victorian house. I removed the plaster board ceiling from my basement. I want to insulate my rim joists. They are about 2.5 to 3 feet to the outside wall. At outside wall there are two openings to the above first floor and newspaper insulation has fallen these openings. My original thought was to use rigid insulation, thinking the joists were just boxes with no openings. What can I do?

joecaption 08-15-2012 11:08 AM

#1 post a picture.
#2 Most likly you have what's called ballon framing. It all needs to be fire blocked before doing any insulating. If the walls are over 8" tall your also going to have to fire block in the middle of the walls.
If you key word search on this site you will find lots of info on fire blocking.

The reason for the blocking is in most cases that wall is open from the basement to the attic which makes a great chimmney when there's a fire. It also sucks cold or hot air all the way from the bottom to the top of the house through the walls.

hammerlane 08-15-2012 11:18 AM

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Can you use spray foam for the rim joist cavities??

Windows on Wash 08-15-2012 02:55 PM

Well said Joe.

Fireblock and a combination of rigid and spray foam usually does the trick after that.

cristorucci 08-16-2012 08:34 AM

In this situation, where there are two small openings into the wall above, what measure of fireblocking would be required. Can I just seal the holes and then insulate? It is a stone foundation. Does anyone have a good recommendation for an insulator. Am I allowed to ask this? I live in Brooklyn, NY.

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