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Originally Posted by GBR in WA View Post
Is there soffit venting, as I don't see the air chutes there?

You can see the air chutes better in this before photo. WIth the new pink insulation you cant see the chutes from the angle I took the photo but the chutes are definitely not blocked.


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Looks good.

Not sure why they wouldn't use blown in but that is my only question/concern with it.

They insulation schedule looks fine but blown in cellulose is so much easier and better.
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Chutes are there! You are almost done.....

Have you seen a hot-air balloon rise on the thermals, then sink back down when the air temperature rises past early morning? There are convective loops in your (all) attic when temperature differences exist. The sun heats the roof deck/house to start the loops. If you blocked the holes from wiring/plumbing from the basement/crawl which help cause the "stack effect", you will be ahead of the game.http://www.wag-aic.org/1999/WAG_99_baker.pdf

Some of the remaining attic heat will be removed by the intake/exhaust venting, but you still have convective looping above your f.g. insulation--- Fig. 7"h"; http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/vi...ventilation%22

Read "Conclusions", pp.9 and 10 above--- you will always have convective loops over your batts which are------ air-permeable (goes through it like a sieve). http://findarticles.com/p/articles/m...6/ai_n8582994/
You do have the heat from below countering the wind-washing... somewhat. Also if you used high-density batts rather than low-density; The "biggest loser" in fiberglass insulation....

My point: cover the batts with a housewrap like Tyvek for an air-barrier or 3" of cellulose insulation (blanket); to prevent cool air from degrading it's R-value.

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+1 Gary.

Another reason that fiberglass is a PITA in my world. Blown in cellulose is a 1 stop deal.
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my basement rim joists are insulated like the pic from hammerlane- unfaced fiberglass stuffed in. Is this bad? The house is 32 years old. Of what I've pulled out, I don't see any moisture issues. It looks like you guys like to use the foam panels and foam/caulk to seal out moisture. This would take me forever with the hvac vents and electrical running thru. I would just like to replace the unfaced fiberglass to make it look nicer...and add more. Some original areas are half full...just stuffed in/or one small piece...looks messy. Lots of cobwebs, etc. I want to use the pink to make it look new and clean(yeah, im nuts). I'm worried about moisture after reading some posts. Also, if I fill up the whole cavity(maybe 2 ft. deep), is there any issue of over-insulating? I did a few with unfaced r-30 and was able to put in about 3 pieces. It looks nice and clean.....I just dont want to cause any damage. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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