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sbattisti 12-20-2011 06:12 PM

Question / Fireplaces and Insulation
Hi folks,

Not quite sure which forum to post this in, but this at least involves insulation, so here goes.

I have a pre-fab fireplace that I have never used. Recently, I had a chimney sweep come out, and he checked it out. The one thing he pointed out was a gap that ran around three sides of the fireplace. His recommendation was to put insulation in the gaps, and then caulk over it with a fireplace caulk.

However, when I went to do this, I realized that the gap is quite large. At the top, it's over an inch in width. And being pretty much a novice with caulk, I have no idea how to caulk such a large opening.

Here is a picture of the gap, but it's not a great pic.

Here is the same picture of the gap, but I drew in lines to make the gap more obvious.

Also, finally, I had some extra insulation that has been lying unused in my basement for the three years I have been here. Is any old insulation OK for these purposes, or how could I tell if this insulation is OK?

I'd love to have a fire for Xmas (in the fireplace, thank you), so your help would be greatly appreciated!!



Windows on Wash 12-21-2011 07:34 AM

Caulking that gap is not going to make the insert air tight by any stretch. They are usually uninsulated from the back side and leak copious amounts of air.

The insert also looks as if it was installed improperly based on that canted stance. I would look at having it fitted more properly.

If you want to stop all the air leakage and insulate, that is most easily done from the outside to inside, in most cases.

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