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northwestohio 08-18-2012 07:18 AM

northwest ohio crawl space help
Good morning, I am seeking some help and some opinions.
I have done extensive reading about crawl spaces being conditioned/being closed = the new norm. However, I don't think that will work here.
We have a 2200 square foot ranch house with currently an uninsulated crawl (with exterior vents) We have a lot of stack effect/air movement on floors, so I'm planning on insulating the crawl. I currently close/foam board vents in winter. Yes, I've read about the "summer time" lets humidity in" concept. There is a sump under there, but it's not your "nice and neat ones" that you see everywhere else lol. Water pipes are 95% insulated. Some heat runs are in joist, some hang low. Our problem is that we are low. We have a ditch out front and with a inch or two of rain we get a pond in the crawl that may take days to pump out even with another pump. A couple of years ago we did the exterior trenching/outside sump concept but when water has no where to just doesn't go..
When our house was built, there was very thin plastic laid (sorta a wet mud/clay mix in places). I have done extensive searching and reading about encapsulation, and you should or shouldn't do this or that. I don't think (encap) would work because the water literally pours in. (even with a sump..because once the ditch is has no where to go). I've heard about people trying ventilators/dehumidifier with no success. My plan is to insulate the floor/runs with some spray foam and then put foil on the joist. Additionally, I don't want to think about "conditioning" it and allow mice another way into the house (through an open vent lol).
It seems every web page expert tells you that this is the right/wrong thing to do. I've got 9 cases of spray foam coming next week. Just putting this out there for discussion to see if anyone else lives in such "interesting" conditions. I'm pretty "handy", and have the understanding/tools/and drive to do this stuff-just want some insight.

Windows on Wash 08-18-2012 12:33 PM

Put in a dehumidifier/circulation fan to help dry out the space.

If you can't get the water to stop coming in, leave it vented and insulate the underside of the floor.

I would use a combination of rigid and spray foams. Get the rigid across the joists and make sure that your air barrier details are right on the money.

This will keep the humidity out of the floor joists and out of the home above.

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